Norwich is a specialized venture capital firm focused on early-stage medtech. We invest in entrepreneurs developing game-changing technologies that solve large unmet medical needs. We provide initial capital in seed and early-stage rounds. We approach each investment with a long-term perspective and continue to support and invest in the company throughout its phases of growth.

The investment philosophies we follow are rooted in our passion for entrepreneurship and medical technology. There are certain key factors to success that we look for when evaluating new opportunities. It starts with the team. The greater the passion in the founder's eyes the better. We also look for barriers to entry, a quick path to proof-of-concept, and capital efficient operations.


All great companies have a few core values that they hold dear. These values drive company decisions and culture. We believe great venture capitalists must also follow core values that define them as a firm. When we started Norwich Ventures, we laid out four core values that would guide us as a firm: Integrity, Make a Difference, Companies First, and Community.