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At Norwich Ventures, we look for entrepreneurs solving big healthcare problems best-suited to new medical technologies. We are agnostic about the field of medicine and have supported companies going after everything from global health to genomics to women’s health. When looking at new opportunities, there are seven investment philosophies we like to follow. Think of them as the keys to success. The opportunities we get most excited about are the ones with as many of the seven philosophies present as possible.

Passionate founders

There is no substitute for a passionate founder. The majority of our companies are run by the original CEO and we prefer it that way. We look for entrepreneurs that understand their field inside-and-out, who are committed to building a great company.

Large unmet medical need

The core of MedTech innovation is solving problems that plague our lives: preventing disease, addressing untreatable conditions, and cutting costs to a fraction of the current level. We look for opportunities in which the essence of the company is rooted in solving a major need of patients and the healthcare system.

Best in class technology

There are many innovative companies and inventors trying to solve our most challenging medical problems. To compete in today's environment, a start-up's product must be easier-to-use, perform better, and cost less than competitive products. We look for technology ideas that have clear superiority in their fields.

Capital efficiency

We believe overcapitalized financing rounds are neither good for the entrepreneur because of dilution nor for the investors because of reduced returns. We look for opportunities in which the ratio of exit potential to capital required is maximized.

Barriers to entry

Protecting the company’s idea is critical when investing years and many millions of dollars to get through clinical trials. Competitive barriers in MedTech typically come from extensive patent protection. We look for situations in which the company has a clear path to building out extensive barriers to entry and IP protection.

Early involvement

We take a hands-on approach when supporting great entrepreneurs. Whether it be thinking through a clinical trial design, helping evaluate potential development partners, or interviewing candidates for key team roles. We feel having a finance partner that is an industry specialist is additive to the potential success of the endeavor. We look for situations in which we are involved in the first institutional investment round.

Quick path to proof-of-concept

No idea is too early if it can be tried and tested quickly and inexpensively. Some of the best technologies come from simple “ah-ha” moments, but without any supporting evidence other than a gut instinct. We look for ideas where the technical risk is frontloaded and where a well-constructed proof-of-concept study can validate the idea before committing years of the founders’ lives and millions of investors’ capital.