Watertown, MA


Affera is developing an innovative system to treat heart rhythm disorders.

San Francisco, CA


Arterys is radically transforming the world of medical imaging via high performance cloud computation by creating an automated and intelligent diagnostic platform.

Cambridge, MA


Daktari Diagnostics develops simple, accurate, and affordable products that address the most pressing challenges in global health. We are committed to delivering critical diagnostic test results to clinicians and patients across the globe.

Waltham, MA

(acquired by Qiagen)

Intelligent Bio-Systems has developed a new type of benchtop DNA sequencing system that is capable of performing up to 20 independent sequencing runs in parallel.

Watertown, MA


Lexington Medical is developing an innovative business model to address a major unmet need in medical devices.

Sunnyvale, CA


Pelvalon aims to change the lives of women who suffer from bowel control problems.

Somerville, MA


Podimetrics is developing an innovative system to keep diabetic feet healthy.

San Francisco, CA


ReThink is developing a patient monitoring system to warn heart failure patients of a worsening condition before hospitalizations are required.

Burlington, MA

(acquired by Boston Scientific)

Rhythmia Medical is developing a next generation Mapping, Visualization and Navigation system for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

Soffio is developing new treatments for respiratory diseases.

New Providence, NJ


Svelte has developed the lowest profile and most deliverable balloon expandable stent in the market and is evaluating a novel, non-inflammatory Drug Eluting Stent (DES) in clinical studies.

Macon, GA

(acquired in management buyout)

Syncro Medical Innovations is strongly committed to delivering proper nutritional support fast to ICU, trauma, and burn patients.

Cambridge, MA


Vaxess is committed to developing the next generation of vaccines, immunotherapies, and diagnostics that lead to better patient outcomes and are more easily distributed around the world.